I usually don’t get many referrals but when I do…(Part 1)

I give it my best! Treat my first like my last and my last like my first. Most of my business leads come from my social media pages, email inquiries and/or my website.

I’ll get referrals every now and then through friends and family, but lately those have come few and far in between.

So imagine the scenario:

“I have someone that needs help with <fill in the blank with a subject you identify as your realm of expertise>” Ex. Event Planning

Your initial thoughts may be:

How do I convert this “lead” into an “opportunity” and the opportunity into a “meeting”; meeting into a “client relationship”,etc. If you have been in business for a number of months or years, I believe you already understand the flow of this dynamic. Believe it or not, the process gets easier (and works for you more than against you) the longer you practice customer resource management.

-C. Lonell Haynes

What else do you think when this dynamic relationship starts?

  • How can I streamline the process of lead generation and lead conversion?
  • Where do I start?
  • Do I call them?
  • Do I email them?
  • How about I text them some info that they may find useful and put my contact info somehwere in that text…

Whichever comes close to these initial thoughts you have to put at least one of these methods of initial contact into ACTION!

Time is very valuable and the people I deal with, value their time tremendously. So move with purpose, get their contact details and make an initial phone call during regular business hours. If after business hours send an email!

It’s non-intrusive after business hours, and can be followed up the next business day with a “friendly introductory phone call” that may if not answered right away.

This should give your potential client an idea of how quickly and efficiently you can communicate when YOUR business is at stake.

I have never been told by a lead that I “contacted them too soon” or they were “not ready to have a conversation about business” during initial contact. If they talked about their needs to your referral, more than likely they are actively seeking quotes for business services.

Most will be pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and promptness of the first email or phone conversation if it is within the first 24 hours of that initial conversation with your referral.

If you found this useful, or have more to add, comment below or share this with someone who may need a compass that can get them headed in the right direction.

There is also more info on the web regarding:

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any compensation from any of the links above. I just think this is good info for business owners looking to help with those first critical steps in growing and running their business.

Until next time…


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