About Cedric Lonell Haynes

Cedric Lonell Haynes

Owner and Operator of Lonell Multimedia, a minority/veteran owned professional multimedia company based in Southern California.
Currently I operate Lonell Multimedia/Strong Beach Media.
Professional accomplishments: Completed several video projects starting with the client’s idea and making their visions come to life.
See Hyte-Dreams On Deck video
See Karter D. Carter’s Spinsation Intro Video
See ACE B%%N C%%N’s HU$TLA music video
I am a student and master of my craft. I treat every project of which I am involved as if it’s my first project. This method has it’s ups and downs. I learn a better method from each project.
Outside of work, I am a father of 3, a devoted husband, considered part of families and friend to a chosen few.
I will continue this journey helping others make their presence known on the Web, TV and Radio.

Music Production and Audio Mastering

Meet Cedric, a highly skilled multimedia expert passionate about developing cutting-edge digital media. He has years of experience working with various software and multimedia hardware and is well-versed in analog and digital multimedia production. Cedric’s best role is as a digital marketing multimedia expert, where he can use his knowledge to assist teams with multiple projects of all sizes. Cedric’s main goal is to ensure all projects are completed on time and within budget. He thrives at assisting teams with establishing brand marketing strategies, ultimately leading to frequent surges in user engagement and positive reviews. His technical background started in electronics from serving in the U.S. Air Force. Cedric continued his career with real-world hands-on experience working for several tech companies as an Electronics Technician. Cedric is constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.
Founder and CEO of Lonell Multimedia/Strong Beach Media, Cedric Lonell Haynes was born in Texas raised in Southern California, the heart of Los Angeles County. Cedric has since become one with the undeniably diverse mix of cultures in Southern California and the relaxed atmosphere of the Golden State. Cedric currently specializes in multimedia. Currently residing in Lakewood, California, Cedric continues to sharpen his interactive media and webpage development skills. LM/SBM and its affiliates have a strong desire to create affordable, HD broadcast quality video with crystal clear audio for small business owners. Today, as CEO of LM/SBM, Cedric uses his creative visual ideas and Musical Instrument Digital Interface talents to build commercial video websites for organizations worldwide. Today, Cedric continues to push the envelope of his internet marketing ideas to the peak by going above and beyond creative boundaries. LM/SBM offers several affordable advertisement/web design packages that can be tailored to fit within most advertising budgets. The team at LM/SBM also can handle Social Media Management and Email Marketing for most small businesses.

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