Back to Business!(Part 1)

by C. Lonell Haynes of Lonell Multimedia/Strong Beach Media

Usually when there is a period of partial or inactivity, this is when the team and I set aside some time to reflect on what is working and what is not.

When running a business, one can expect the entrepreneurial life to have its ups and of course, its downs. The dynamic range of events occurring during the course of a day in business is very wide. When it comes down to the things that matter, the numbers will determine what is working and what is a waste of the organization’s valuable resources. After awhile, it seems like the expenses are overwhelming, and days are slowly creeping by. You’ve done all of your follow-ups and lead generation processes when all of a sudden…

Nothing happening” can turn into “busy” in the blink of an eye.

One phone call, text, email or other message from a referral or potential client could make the difference between a having bountiful harvest of abundant profits or starvation during a drought.

So you’re sitting in your car or you might be at a local coffee shop grabbing some “pick me up” when out of nowhere, a message appears on you phone from an unknown number. You let it go to voicemail because you’re not about to fall victim to another robocall if you can help it! Your voicemail notification vibrates your device…

You have 1 New Message…

You have been here before. The anticipation of a referral’s recommendation has left a message stating that they have an aquaintance who may be in dire need of your services. In my case, web design, social media management and most multimedia projects.

“She has a website but it needs to be updated and logo created and…”

This is getting interesting because just an hour before receiving the message, I was beginning to wonder if running a small business is really what I am cut out to do…

Well, the next steps are critical to repeated success in closing the deal and moving forward with your business.

So many questions!

What happens next?

Do you call the referral back ASAP?

Do you send a quick reply using the contact info they left on your voicemail?

Gather more info on client by sending an introductory email?

Start a plan of action using C.R.M. before making contact!

The short answer to these initial questions:


But not all at once!

1 or a combination of 2 or more methods will work just as effectively.

Allow me to explain… in part 2 of this series: “Fish On The Hook!”

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Until next time…

C. Lonell Haynes